The Adult Development Center (ADC) is a sheltered workshop in Siloam Springs, Arkansas committed to providing meaningful work for adults with special needs. Since 1976 the ADC has been maximizing the potential of each individual client through subcontracted work. However, finding work for the clients at the ADC is always a challenge, and inconsistent revenue streams plague the ADC. In order to be sustainable, the ADC needed a business they could call their own. They needed a defining solution.

That solution is Shredify. Started in 2014, Shredify is Siloam’s first local and secure document destruction service. It fulfills both a need at the ADC and a need in the community. By doing business with the ADC through Shredify, you not only support the clients at the ADC, but you receive an outstanding document destruction service with excellent customer service.

On a daily basis, certified clients at the ADC operate Shredify. They shred hundreds of documents each and every day, giving them a sense of accomplishment and a purpose. Every dollar spent doing business with Shredify is a dollar that keeps the clients at the ADC employed and working everyday.